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Kentucky Mortgage Company : Kentucky Mortgage Lender

Here are few questions to put to your Kentucky mortgage company
  • Does the Kentucky mortgage lender offer current interest rates?
  • Will you be charged prepayment penalty?
  • What is the rate lock period offered by the Kentucky home mortgage loan company?
  • How much closing costs are charged?
  • What down payments are required?

Let us do your legwork for you. We will find you a reliable mortgage company in Kentucky offering best terms and rates on your loan. We work with few of the top lenders in the state offering excellent plans at competitive prices. Check out competing offers from leading Kentucky mortgage lenders and choose one that you are comfortable with.

Information that a Kentucky Mortgage Company Requires

Prior to offering mortgage, mortgage lender in Kentucky will check out certain specific details about you in order to ensure that you are a trustworthy customer and that it is safe to loan money to you. Take a look at few details that Kentucky mortgage company require from you at the time of offering mortgage:

  • Details about your credit status and FICO score
  • Whether you are employed and have a stable source for income
  • Proper documentation of income and assets
  • Extent of present debts and debt to income ratio
  • Levels of savings for mortgage down payment and mortgage closing costs
  • Purpose of which you require mortgage loan
  • Type of mortgage loan required, etc
Are you looking for a Reliable Kentucky Mortgage Lender?

Prior to purchasing mortgage from a Kentucky mortgage lender make sure that you understand the various application processes and stages. You should be clear about the entire process as well as terms and conditions imposed by your mortgage company in Kentucky. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are not clear about any point or process. Remember, your Kentucky home mortgage loan company is obligated to provide you with all relevant information before you accept their offer. In case your Kentucky mortgage lender is impatient to your queries or does not provide clear answers then avoid dealing with such a company. Read through the Good Faith Estimate thoroughly and make sure you understand all cost related factors associated with the particular mortgage proposal. If your Kentucky home mortgage loan company has not provided you with a Good Faith Estimate then ask for one. All Kentucky mortgage lenders are required by law to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate within tree days of submitting mortgage application.

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